Women’s Hoodlamb Hemp Tee

Feature Image Hoodlamb Hemp T Shirt Review

Hoodlamb Hemp Tee Shirts are Made by the same Folks that make SeaShepard EXTREME-WEAR!

If you think hemp isn’t a comfortable fiber for close-skin wear like tee shirts, you haven’t worn a Hoodlamb yet! Hoodlamb hemp tee shirts are soft, durable and super-cute! But don’t take our word for it, check out Kelsey and Sasa in their hemp tees below!

Hoodlamb hemp tee shirts look great from all angles! <3

A simple design with nice flairs, Hoodlamb tees are stylish and appropriate for most occasions, inside & out. This particular cut lets you show off your skin and perhaps an accessory or two.

The styling of this Hoodlamb women’s tee shirt is casual and hip, and blends well with any bottoms.

Hoodlamb is virtually synonymous with high-quality hemp clothing. The level of craftsmanship is obvious in the look and feel of these 55% hemp, 45% cotton tee shirts.

Chillin’ in the park in our hemp tee shirts from Hoodlamb – they’re super comfortable and look great too! XOXO -Sasa & Kelsey

It’s easy to feel good about wearing Hoodlamb hemp tee shirts; hemp fabric lasts longer than traditional clothing materials, and gets softer with each wash, with a significantly smaller carbon footprint.

Fantastic, but not at all plastic!

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