Sativa Mini Hemp Backpack

Feature Image for Sativa Mini Hemp Backpack w WATERMARK

Privet CannaCutey friends! The Sativa mini hemp backpack is one of the handiest bags we’ve seen.  Whether you use it as a camera bag, a makeup bag, a light carry-on or even to hold uh…alternative goodies, this hemp bag performs perfectly and looks stylishly cute.

Sativa hemp bag at the beach - back with straps showing

This little hemp backpack is perfect for an afternoon at the beach.

The Sativa mini hemp backpack is constructed with care; tough stitching, rugged straps and strong but simple buckles complement smooth-action center and front zippers.

Sativa mini hemp backpack - full view

When compared to a traditional American-style backpack, this hemp mini backpack is about 1/2 the size.

The mini version of the Sativa hemp backpack has two exterior pockets – enough for a small water bottle each, and two interior pockets divided by a simple flap.  On the outside of the bag is a zippered pocket that adds a surprising amount of extra secure space.  A strong loop of hemp at the top of the bag lets you hang it even when the backpack is full.

Rachel with Sativa hemp backpack

This hemp bag is perfect for everyone; from skaters to business-people, hikers to surfers, and moms & dads to lonely cat-hoarders .

Sativa styled this hemp backpack for the urban wearer, but it can just as easily be used for short hiking trips, or ditch the briefcase and take this bag up to the executive floor.

Sativa hemp backpack with logo

Tough and stylish but still low-key, this hemp backpack can replace any traditional backpack.

Sativa makes a line of hemp backpacks, hemp bags and other hemp clothing, but we liked this little bag so much we wanted to review it first.  Stay tuned for more Sativa hemp backpack reviews! 😀 <3

Kelsey on the beach with green Sativa hemp backpack

It’s noticeable but nondescript at the same time, the kind of hip hempen bag that makes you wonder “Who’s that?”

Have you ever owned a Sativa hemp backpack?  Which one?  Send us some pics on Facebook, or tell us about it in the comments section below:

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