Robin Ruth Cannabis Leaf Socks

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Robin Ruth Cannabis Socks are Fun & Super Practical!

Robin Ruth socks are lower profile than the other marijuana-themed socks we’ve reviewed; they’re shorter and lighter, making them great for cooler days and lighter footwear. But they’re also made really well and are just as hip and stylish as Grassroots California socks or HUF socks, and the fact that Robin Ruth weed socks are much cheaper than their competitors means that you can get more pairs of socks for your money.

Pink and white Robin Ruth weed socks

These socks are soft and comfortable, sleek and sexy!

Named after the daughter of the company’s founder, Robin Ruth is a clothing line dedicated to free-spirited travelers, and the styling of these particular socks easily reflects that concept.  Why wear boring old white socks that turn grey and yellow over time, when you can pull something on your feet that feels good and is anything but boring…?

Robin Ruth socks in packaging

We’ve found Robin Ruth socks in Amsterdam and Barcelona – just visit a finer headshop or growshop in any major city near you and you will probably find them just as easily as we do!

These cannabis leaf print socks come in designs that fit with any outfit you can put together; from complex designs to simple leaf prints, and from basic colors to fantastic patterns and color blends, Robin Ruth marijuana themed socks will appeal to stoners and cannabis professionals from all walks of life.

Kelsey walking in green Robin Ruth marijuana socks

CannaCutey Kelsey on a sunset walk in a pair of green Robin Ruth socks

This particular style Robin Ruth socks is great for 3-season wear, but for cold climates, you might need a warmer sock or at least an insulated shoe.  For thick winter socks with that alternative appeal, try Grassroots socks.

Rachel modeling Robin Ruth socks in grey

I always get comments and compliments from people when they see my weed pattern Robin Ruth socks! -CannaCutey Rachel

Robin Ruth socks really can match with any style; from the jeans and tank top look to sneakers and miniskirts to slacks and dress shoes, you can pull it all together with a flash of alternative style with these “420”socks.

Kelsey on swing in green Robin Ruth 420 socks

Who would have thought simple socks could be so sexy? XOXO

Do you own Robin Ruth weed-themed socks?  Let us know what you think about them in the comments section below, or post a pic on our Facebook!

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