Men’s Hoodlamb Hemp Tee Shirt

Feature Image Hoodlamb Mens Hemp Tee Shirt Review

Look and Feel Great in this Hoodlamb Hemp Tee Shirt

This hemp T shirt by Hoodlamb is manufactured responsibly and looks smashing! Hemp clothing isn’t just for women, there are also a lot of great hemp clothes for men; like this Hoodlamb T shirt! This Hoodlamb T shirt is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton.

Hoodlamb hemp t shirt - mens

This Hoodlamb hemp tee shirt matches perfectly with any environment or outfit.

Not only is this Hoodlamb hempen tee shirt made well with tight stitching, quality hemp fabric, and a convenient hidden inside pocket, it also has some pretty cool graphics. This one says Make Hemp not War on the front, with a nice Dampie logo emblazoned on the back.

Hoodlamb hemp tee - mens - Sasa in front of tree

The natural look and feel of this hemp tee shirt makes anyone appear relaxed.

If you want to own quality clothing, but you also want to make a statement about sustainable resources, then Hoodlamb is the right brand for you. This particular shirt is activist-oriented, featuring an upside-down helmet with joints in the head strap instead of bullets, the words “Born to Chill” instead of the classic “Born to Kill,” and a lovely female cannabis plant growing within.

Hoodlamb hemp tee shirts modeled by Sasa and Kelsey

The tee shirt says Make Hemp not War, but these two say Make Love Not War <3

This is a lighter-weight shirt ideal for three season climates. If you live in a cold weather climate, you’ll need a blazer or jacket over it. You can wear this hemp tee shirt with a blazer, jeans, or, like our CannaCutey Sasa, with a Hempy’s hemp hat.

Hemp Tee Shirt - mens by Hoodlamb

Who would’ve imagined that you can buy responsible hemp products and look sexy at the same time?! 😛

Do you own a Hoodlamb hemp T shirt? Send us a pic on Facebook or let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. You can also check out this women’s Hoodlamb hemp tee shirt.

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