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HUF Socks Look Cool Day after Day, Wash after Wash!

HUF makes awesome, alternative and skater style clothing like these cannabis leaf print socks, weed print hats, jackets and a lot of other cool stuff. But of all their products that we’ve tried so far, we like HUF socks the best!

WATERMARK Rachel trying on sock Image HUF weed socks review

You can feel when you pull these HUF socks on that they’re made well and with great attention to detail.

HUF socks are perfect for everyday wear; our models and testers have worn them on the street, in the office and out and about in town, clocking hundreds of problem-free miles in these socks. We’ve worn HUF socks quite a bit and they are rugged, comfortable and super cute.

WATERMARK Rachel wearing purple HUF weed socks

These socks match the couch in my tiny house in Maine, USA. 😉

HUF socks are designed by Skaters for the Skateboarding community and industry, but anyone who appreciates well-made, stylish clothing will love these weed-themed HUF socks.  A California company, HUF has its origins in the gritty skateboard circles of the early nineties.

WATERMARK HUF socks in the package

HUF socks packaging is simple but tasteful.

HUF socks are even worn by CannaCutey founder Russ Hudson in board rooms and executive meetings.  Says Hudson;

I might have to dress like a square on the outside, but HUF socks let me be myself under it all

WATERMARK Kelsey in the road wearing HUF socks

You can be hip and urban but still have a cozy, cute pair of socks that work with a lot of different outfits.

HUF socks are not only stylish and cool, they’re durable and are designed to survive even the most brutal foot-bashing walks or hikes.  Strong stitching is found in every seam of these marijuana-themed socks, with extra protection in the form of reinforced heels and leg bands.

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