Hempy’s Hemp Hat Review

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Hempy’s Hemp Hat is both Modern and Classic!

Salam dostlar!  This review is for a sleek and stylish Hempy’s hat, made entirely from hemp.  This hemp hat is a hybrid of styles that looks great with nearly any outfit you can put together, including formal and chill looks.

Sasa is Brown Hempys Hemp Hat - Closeup

Clearly a men’s design but cool with some women’s styles, this is a classic hemp hat.

This Hempy’s hat is, surprisingly, made in the United States, from 100% hemp.  A semi-firm and tightly sewn hat, the durability of this cover is evident in the stitching and folds of the hemp material used in its construction.

Sasa modeling Hempys hat in front of church

This hemp hat is perfect for urban and street environments but also looks great on the farm.

Sasa modeled this hat on a beautiful spring day in Barcelona, so the weather was perfect for this shoot, however, for really hot days, Hempy’s included a nice headband liner to keep your brow dry and clean.

Hempys Hemp Hat near Graffiti

The classic styling of this hat is a cool blend of Fedora and Bowler type hats.

Hempy’s put a lot of nice finishing touches on this well-made hemp hat, including a delightful pattern, a low-profile Hempy’s tag, and nicely hidden seams throughout.  In fact, it’s so well-made that even when crammed into a hemp bag or hemp backpack, it retains its shape, without making you look like a square.  We really love this hat! 😉 <3

Sasa in Hempys Hemp Hat in Gotico

Here in Gotico, Sasa showcases not only our Hempy’s 100% hemp hat, but also a hemp tee shirt from Hoodlamb.

Hemp clothing is the wave of the future, and you can get on board now with this Hempy’s 100% hemp hat, or lots of other Hempy’s products.  Have you ever owned a Hempy’s hemp hat?  Send us a pic on Facebook, or let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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