HEMP Bohemian Sandals Review

HEMP Sandals Shadow view

Hola CannaCutey friends! This is our review for these 100% hemp Sandals, made by the HEMP company. They’re very basic sandals, a Bohemian-type mostly made for lounging and days at the beach.

Rachel on beach with HEMP sandals

The natural fibers of these hemp sandals are perfect when you want your feet to be mostly free, but with a little protection underneath.

It’s amazing what we can do with hemp, and these sandals are just one of thousands of examples of simple products that can be made with renewable resources.  This hemp comes from the mythical but embattled country of Tibet.

Long view of HEMP sandals

These hemp sandals aren’t really made for a night out on the town; they’re made for walking on the beach, in the woods, or they can be worn while gardening.

For now hemp sandals like this are largely a novelty; however, it won’t be long before the ancient hemp artisans of the past make a return when their forgotten ways are re-learned, and we’ll start to see some ultra-fine shoes, sandals and other footwear made out of fashionable and durable hemp.  CannaCutey Rachel below looks great in these simple hemp sandals:

Rachel closeup of HEMP sandals on boardwalk

Great with jeans, shorts, a skirt or basically anything, these hemp sandals are a quick green-fashion fix.

Do you own a pair of sandals made from hemp?  Show us some pics on Facebook, or let us know what you think in the comment section below:

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