Grassroots Hats Review

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Grassroots California Makes the Best Hats in the World!

Grassroots makes the Rolls Royce of hats. Even if you’re hard to impress, you’ll be awesomely surprised at the high level of detail put into these hats. Other hats like HUF and even Hempys just can’t match the style and uniqueness of these Grassroots California hats; check out Ekaterina and Claudia in the photos below for proof.

Claudia with Interior Grassroots Hats

This particular Grassroots California hat  is made from 100% hemp, and would make even the Mad Hatter proud! 😉

The interior details of these Grassroots hats are unmatched. The hidden stash pocket will delight any stoner, while the custom liner keeps their heads clean and comfortable.

Grassroots California Wide Brim Rainbow design hat.001

The visual appeal of the rainbow psychedelic design on the this Grassroots hemp hat will make it hard to keep it on your head.

Grassroots California is a movement dedicated not only to making excellent hats and lots of other cool clothing items, but also to using sustainable resources and giving back to their community. The weird thing is it all started as a Cali documentary that never got made.

Grassroots California Blue Hat Green Brim.003

You won’t be feeling blue in this Grassroots hat! This fun design had us smiling the whole day.

Grassroots California gives you the astonishing ability to customize their hats in any way imaginable. From every individual panel on the top of the hat to the colors of each ventilation hole to logos, graphics, stitching, liners, and anything else you can come up with, you can build a sweet hat that perfectly matches your business, organization, brand, event, or group.

GrassRoots California Purple Hat Ekaterina Colored Wall.001

The furry brim on this Grassroots California Crown Royal-themed hat will be the envy of any hat lover out there.  It’s decadent!

There is a Grassroots hat for everyone. Whether you’re into this Jersey Shore style Crown Royale hat or something more geared for skaters, or something completely new of your own design, Grassroots California (and Grassroots Europe) can fit the bill (pun intended!).

Blue Grassroots hat and Purple Grassroots hat

Steps to looking cool and feeling good; 1. Put on a Grassroots hat. 2. Enjoy! 😉

One of the coolest things about Grassroots California hats is that they’re made in short print runs. This means that these hats are bought, sold, and traded as valuable commodities. The Grassroots hat that you buy today, could be worth thousands tomorrow.  It’s sort of like collecting coins or comic books or sports cards, only you can wear this commodity on your noggin.  :-p

Grass Roots purple Fuzzy wide brim Hat Closeup.001

The beautiful deep purple will complement any skin type and hair color, and looks great on our Cannacutey Ekaterina.

Do you own a Grassroots California hat? Send us a photo on Facebook or tell us about it in the comment section below!

Inside of Grassroots Crown Royal hat

Trust me, I’m Irish…

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