Grassroots California Socks

Grassroots Socks Post Feature Image with Watermark

We Love Grassroots California socks!

Hi guys! This is our review of Grassroots California socks.  These cannabis-themed socks are super comfortable and durable. They look great with anything and are sort of like a way to wink at your fellow 420 peeps, without looking like Cheech & Chong. 😉

Grassroots socks - Kelsey in tree

The wacky designs on these marijuana-themed socks are pretty cool.

Grassroots used high quality-materials in these socks, including heavy-duty stitching, reinforced heels, toes, and top.  They’re great with boots, sneakers, or, if you’re on the beach in France, sandals.  😀

Grassroots California socks in branded packaging

Simple packaging for a strong brand

Grassroots California also makes hats and other clothing, but so far we like the socks best.  Leggings of a similar style would be amazing!

Green Grassroots socks in grass - Kelsey

Despite the color and strange designs of these socks, they match with a surprising array of outfits.

Grassroots marijuana-themed socks are fairly thick, so if you’re not wearing loose-fitting shoes or it’s really hot outside, these might not be the best choice.  Unless you really need to look cool, like CannaCutey Kelsey below:

Kelsey on circle modeling Grassroots socks

This particular style Grassroots socks blends awesomely with any urban landscape

Grassroots socks have competitors in the form of Robin Ruth weed-themed socks, and HUF socks – one of our favorites.  But like everything they do, Grassroots California has put together a “highly” unique product that perfectly balances form and function.

Purple Grassroots California Socks

They’re a little more expensive than “normal” socks, but Grassroots socks are made of higher quality materials, and of course, they’re way cooler!

Do you own a pair or three of Grassroots California weed-themed socks?  Send us a pic on Facebook, or tell us what you think in the comments below.

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