Get Targeted Traffic to Your Hemp or Cannabis Brand

There are two ways to advertise your hemp or cannabis-related product on

  1. Traditional ads; 300 X 250 sidebar and footer ads and in-content ad spaces are available.  Brand owners are always given priority.
  2. Turn a product sample into years of ongoing sales by participating in our Review & Giveaway Program:

*You provide us with your hemp or cannabis product: for each product, we need 2 identical samples.  So if you sell cannabis socks, we need 2 of the same; 2 identical pairs.

*We conduct a detailed review of your item/s and take tasteful photographs of our CannaCutey models showing off your goods.  We then create a rich, visual post and publish the post on our website.  We share this post among our large cannabis-centric social networks and get your brand in front of the right people.  Our SEO expert ensures that the post ranks highly on the search engine results page, promising traffic to the post via keywords for your brand and related keywords and terms.

*Within one week of publishing the full-feature review of your cannabis of hemp product, we follow the social media push up with a giveaway; this is why we need two of each product you send; one for our CannaCutey model, and one for the giveaway.  We create a rich giveaway post that works by requiring people to like the post/link to the original review of your product.  After X number of “Likes” or “Shares” are reached, we award the prize randomly to one of the “Likers” or “Sharers.”

*In return for the awesome giveaway item, we ask contest winners to take a photograph of themselves with the product upon receipt.  We then share this giveaway winner post on social media, referring readers and fans back to the original review post.

*In 3-9 months we will capture search traffic for terms related to your brand and product.  When we are able to prove traffic to the post via Google Analytics, we will then make the post available for advertising at an extremely low rate.  To recap:

a. You provide 2 identical samples of a single cannabis or hemp product

b. Our CannaCutey models show off your stuff and publish a feature-rich post reviewing your product

c. We share this review on our large cannabis networks

d. We run a giveaway for the product, targeting social media users and referring back to the original review

e. The giveaway recipient provides a photograph of them with the product (becoming a “CannaCutey” by doing so) and we share this on social media

f. We capture keyword traffic to the product and brand, then work to return that traffic to you