Envision a future where hemp and cannabis is once again the norm…

CannaCutey is an inclusive project meant to bring the public’s focus back to the reality that is hemp and cannabis. The facts are that hemp is the strongest, longest-lasting fiber with the least impact on the environment. Couple this with the ancient associations humans have held with cannabis and it’s easy to envision a future where hemp and cannabis is once again the norm and no longer a fringe, alternative source of renewable resources.

At CannaCutey, we believe that hemp is sexy and that cannabis is smart and wholesome. We like to showcase this by featuring well-made clothes from the hemp and cannabis industry, presented by sexy, smart and wholesome models. We connect strong, forward-looking hemp clothing brands with people who care about preservation of the environment through responsible resources and craftsmanship.

CannaCutey was founded in 2017 by:

  • Russ Hudson, Director of Operations
  • Kelsey Close, Creative Director
  • Rachel Hudson, Social Media Director

To learn more about us or to have your products modeled and featured on our website and in CannaCutey social media, please Contact Us.