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Conseeded Sterling Stud Seed Earrings

Coming Soon! ~ September 2018 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat […]
Grassroots Hats Feature Image

Grassroots Hats Review

Grassroots California Makes the Best Hats in the World! Grassroots makes the Rolls Royce of hats. Even if you’re hard to impress, you’ll be awesomely surprised at the high level of detail put into these hats. Other hats like HUF and even Hempys just can’t match the style and uniqueness of these Grassroots California hats; […]
Feature Image HUF hat review

HUF Hat Review- Weed Leaf Print

HUF hats are cool for chilling at home or going out on the town These HUF hats are simple, but have a lot of tasteful features including a sharp badge on the front, branded designs on the interior, and a one-size-fits-all snap closure on the back. HUF makes a lot of stylish clothing including socks, […]
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Sativa Mini Hemp Backpack

Privet CannaCutey friends! The Sativa mini hemp backpack is one of the handiest bags we’ve seen.  Whether you use it as a camera bag, a makeup bag, a light carry-on or even to hold uh…alternative goodies, this hemp bag performs perfectly and looks stylishly cute. The Sativa mini hemp backpack is constructed with care; tough stitching, […]
Feature Image Hoodlamb Mens Hemp Tee Shirt Review

Men’s Hoodlamb Hemp Tee Shirt

Look and Feel Great in this Hoodlamb Hemp Tee Shirt This hemp T shirt by Hoodlamb is manufactured responsibly and looks smashing! Hemp clothing isn’t just for women, there are also a lot of great hemp clothes for men; like this Hoodlamb T shirt! This Hoodlamb T shirt is 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton. […]
Feature Image Grassroots Weed Socks

Grassroots California Socks

We Love Grassroots California socks! Hi guys! This is our review of Grassroots California socks.  These cannabis-themed socks are super comfortable and durable. They look great with anything and are sort of like a way to wink at your fellow 420 peeps, without looking like Cheech & Chong. 😉 Grassroots used high quality-materials in these […]
Feature Image for Hempys Hemp Hat Review

Hempy’s Hemp Hat Review

Hempy’s Hemp Hat is both Modern and Classic! Salam dostlar!  This review is for a sleek and stylish Hempy’s hat, made entirely from hemp.  This hemp hat is a hybrid of styles that looks great with nearly any outfit you can put together, including formal and chill looks. This Hempy’s hat is, surprisingly, made in […]
Feature Image Robin Ruth Socks Review

Robin Ruth Cannabis Leaf Socks

Robin Ruth Cannabis Socks are Fun & Super Practical! Robin Ruth socks are lower profile than the other marijuana-themed socks we’ve reviewed; they’re shorter and lighter, making them great for cooler days and lighter footwear. But they’re also made really well and are just as hip and stylish as Grassroots California socks or HUF socks, […]
WATERMARK Feature Image HUF weed socks review

HUF Socks – Weed Print

HUF Socks Look Cool Day after Day, Wash after Wash! HUF makes awesome, alternative and skater style clothing like these cannabis leaf print socks, weed print hats, jackets and a lot of other cool stuff. But of all their products that we’ve tried so far, we like HUF socks the best! HUF socks are perfect […]
Feature Image Hoodlamb Hemp T Shirt Review

Women’s Hoodlamb Hemp Tee

Hoodlamb Hemp Tee Shirts are Made by the same Folks that make SeaShepard EXTREME-WEAR! If you think hemp isn’t a comfortable fiber for close-skin wear like tee shirts, you haven’t worn a Hoodlamb yet! Hoodlamb hemp tee shirts are soft, durable and super-cute! But don’t take our word for it, check out Kelsey and Sasa […]
Hempz Cannabis Cream Feature Image

Hempz Hemp Oil Moisturizer

Hempz Cream will Love your Skin, and You’ll Love it! We believe that hemp products are the future, and this Hempz hemp seed oil moisturizer is a great example of an extremely useful and well-made but simple hemp skin care product. How do we know hemp is the way of the future? Simple – it […]
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HEMP Bohemian Sandals Review

Hola CannaCutey friends! This is our review for these 100% hemp Sandals, made by the HEMP company. They’re very basic sandals, a Bohemian-type mostly made for lounging and days at the beach. It’s amazing what we can do with hemp, and these sandals are just one of thousands of examples of simple products that can […]